Cultural tour Trapani

Erice_medievalMedieval Erice with its almond sweets…
A medieval town, 12 km from Trapani, well connected by cable car service, where you
can combine culture appreciating ancient churches, castles, towers, typical houses with courtjards and admiring the amazing view from the top to Cofano mountain and bay, Trapani salt pains, tasting typical almond sweets.

“Salt Route” Salt route between ancient windmill, red garlic and archaeological Mozia “ Here you can enjoy in discovering history Salt_pans_Trapani(arab windmills and phoenician ruins in Mozia) and food (sea salt and red garlic) and at the same time seeing herons, flamingos.  So you can start from Nubia up to finish in Mozia, little phoenician island where you can enjoy in admiring phoenician ruins and where you can practice some sea sports.

Marsala A town full of history that you can feel walking in the old town streets, wine_tour_trapani_sicilyvisiting museum that preserve archaeological findings as punic ship, Garibaldi story. Here you can enjoy also wine, visiting ancient winery with guided tour to discover Dessert Marsala wine!

Mazara arab town preserves today the fascinated Casbah quarter with all of its mews and narrow street. Mazara is getting popular and popular for the dancing Satyr Archaeological_tours_Sicily_Trapanistatue preserved at Church Sant’Egidio!

Segesta – Selinunte… 2 archaeological sites with ruins, temples, theatre. Here you live experience of history & nature, admiring wonderful colors of strong yellow hill in summer and varioupinted colors in springs.

Belice valley with its little towns as Salemi, Castelvetrano, Gibellina hidden in the hill and valley cultivated with olive trees. Here is the paradise of Sicilian hinterland gastronomy with the posibility to stop in some little restaurants and tasting some specialty as Balck Bread of Castelvetrano, Vastedda cheese, Santa Ninfa sausages.